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DETOX – New Year Resolution

Something about being in a new year is fresh and exciting and we’re all stoked to start something new. Well here at The Rock Church know that we’re rooting for you! They say writing down your goals means there is a 90% chance you’ll make it happen. So make sure you’re writing them down.

Resolutions have been made for ages for many different reasons. A lot of us have said we’ll stop cussing, smoking, drinking, or maybe we’ll do more good deeds; but the number one goal made every year is to lose weight! If youre anything like me, Ive been making this resolution for the past 6-7 years. But heck, I say go for it… again! This is THE year!

So when we say were gonna lose some weight what is the first thing we do? Most of us start with a body detox. What are some examples of the top detox formulas?

– All Juice Smoothies

– The Dr Oz 48 Hour Detox

– AdvoCare Supplements

– Master Cleanse (lemon, water, cayenne pepper, maple syrup)

Now I’ve tried the master cleanse and I gotta tell you it really did some STUFF on my intestines. We’re all adults here so you know what I mean, right?

So after we decide that we are going to lose weight this year no matter what, then what? Next step, go buy a workout outfit and some new sneakers, sign up for a gym membership, buy the latest workout DVD,etc.

The mere fact that we’re putting so much effort into detoxing and getting in better shape proves that we really care about our health and maybe even our looks. Here’s the thing… Physical fitness and a body detox is good for 2015 but God says there is actually something better! Something that will help you physically, emotionally, financially, mentally, relationally and all the other ly’s. This one thing MUST be at the top of your list.

If we prioritize this one thing it will literally transform our lives!

1 Tim 4:7-8 talks about training ourselves for Godliness. Yoga, Crossfit, weightlifting, etc is valuable but Godliness and holiness is more impactful now and in the life to come.

Gal 5:22 tells us to walk in the fruit of the spirit. We should pursue becoming more like Jesus. There seems to be a disparity between the focus on our physical health and the focus on our spiritual health. And yet, we as christians will complain about how our lives are in disorder and we can’t sense God. The question then becomes… have you been training in Godliness in every area of your life?

Like physical training, the proof of execution shows up. Meaning, the proof of spiritual training will show up in our lives. So, take this first part of the year to Detox from the garbage that we’ve allowed in. We’ve been listening, watching, doing, and subjecting ourselves to all sorts of contaminated stuff and we are overdue for a spiritual cleansing.

How do we get to the point of consistently pursuing Godliness and holiness? The answer is through prayer and fasting. What is the significance of both of these to a Detox? Matt. 17:19 explains that tapping into the spirit to address problematic issues are only done through prayer and fasting. There’s something about prayer and fasting that intensifies your intimacy with God and allows him to move through you at a level that otherwise may not occur.


So you may be asking, “How do I pray?” Don’t worry. Learn how below:

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Joel serves as the Lead Pastor at The Rock Mansfield Church. Joel graduated from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Joel is a dedicated husband and father to his wife Rosa and their three children, Gracie, Noe, and Gabby. His passion is to see people come to know the Lord and help develop men into godly leaders.


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