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Prayer Week – Day 3

Prayer Week – Day 3

This is our final day this week in our Prayer week. I know that trying to make it out each day at 7:30pm can be difficult, but I encourage you to atttend this last evening. Don’t wait until “the storms” of life hit to build a foundation, begin building your foundation when the “sun is shining”. I promise that this will make all the difference.  Join us and I know you won’t regret it!  – Soto Home @7:30-8:15pm.

Here is what we’ll be praying for this evening…

OUR FOCUS: Our Mission

The City:  Pray that God would open our eyes to see the need, hurt, and pain in Mansfield, and look beyond the image and appearance.  …That God give us favor in the community with, and that the Gospel may take root throughout the community.  …lastly, that The Rock is known in Mansfield and surrounding areas.

Church planting:  Pray that God would allow us to provide the leadership and funding to become a training ground center for planting churches.  …that He would draw families who desire to plant, that we may assess, develop, train, and deploy these families …would guide Aalim, Tanya, AJ, and Taj as they prepare to start a new work.

Glocal Missions:  Pray that God would burden our hearts and open our eyes to see the injustice, poverty, and pain around the world. …that He would give us a greater sense of urgency by making it a habit of praying for those who have no access to the Gospel.  …that the Rock become a haven and training ground for planters and missionaries around the globe. …lastly, pray for our friends Michael, Rita, Bruce, and Rachel of Maranantha Community Church in South Africa, may God continue to use them greatly!




Joel serves as the Lead Pastor at The Rock Mansfield Church. Joel graduated from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Joel is a dedicated husband and father to his wife Rosa and their three children, Gracie, Noe, and Gabby. His passion is to see people come to know the Lord and help develop men into godly leaders.


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