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The Man with the Banana

The Man with the Banana
I was stuck in traffic early this morning on my way to work, right in the middle of all the construction in North Fort Worth going 820 West heading towards I-35W, at the North Beach Street exit.  I noticed a man, a construction worker, with a banana in his hand.
The guy had all of his construction gear on – a helmet, a safety vest with bright yellow and orange,boots, glasses, long-sleeves for the 30 degree weather, and he was muddy.  But he had a banana in his right hand.
He began peeling it as he walked towards the activity of moving tractors and other workers, in the middle of thousands of speeding cars on either side of him.
As he walked and ate, I imagined that maybe he was getting prepared for his day.  He was probably thinking of the long day ahead of him.  The heavy equipment moving back and forth, the broken concrete being pushed aside, and the energy and strength he would need to get through the day. So he ate his banana.
Why is it that we don’t think of about our spiritual lives in this way?  We don’t look ahead, to the big picture, the energy, the strength, the endurance, the courage that we’ll need to the things ahead.  Maybe this is why our spiritual life isn’t important to us – because we don’t look ahead, to the big picture.  We don’t see the danger that’s ahead, the strength that we need for the work that needs to get done.
Why are you doing to get ready for the journey ahead?.
Joel serves as the Lead Pastor at The Rock Mansfield Church. Joel graduated from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Joel is a dedicated husband and father to his wife Rosa and their three children, Gracie, Noe, and Gabby. His passion is to see people come to know the Lord and help develop men into godly leaders.


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